Draft Recommendations Ready for Review

The system work group has produced its draft recommendations regarding the use of the Smarter Balanced 11th grade assessment as a college readiness indicator in the placement process for colleges and universities in Washington. Follow the “Draft Recommendations…” page link above for more information and to download the file; we’re gathering feedback and suggestions on this draft between now and next April, so leave comments at that page or complete a brief online survey.We look forward to hearing from you!

1 thought on “Draft Recommendations Ready for Review

  1. The lack of definitions for ‘post Algebra II math course’ and ‘liberal arts math’ make it very difficult to comment on these recommendations. If one interprets these as ‘pre-calculus’ and ‘non-math and non-science related courses’ respectively, then the recommendations risk closing doors for a large number of students. Algebra II has been the highest required high school course for 4-year college entrance for decades. The Common Core ramps up the rigor and content of this course. These recommendations seem to imply that, starting immediately, students will need to effectively jump a year and a half ahead (increased rigor in Alg II and success in pre-calculus) to be considered for entry into college in the sciences. This seems intent on decreasing the number of students in science and math related fields, or limiting access to the top 10% on a single test. I fear that this will disproportionately impact students who are already underrepresented in these fields.

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