System Policy Work Group–Fall 2013

To address goal 2 of the Core to College project as described above, we convened a cross-sector Policy Work Group in fall 2013 with the charge of developing specific system recommendations regarding the use of the Smarter Balanced (SB) 11th grade assessment as an indicator of college readiness in postsecondary placement in Washington. 


FALL 2013:

Policy work group develops recommendations for higher education use of Smarter Balanced high school assessment in placement decisions

WINTER 2014:

Institutions and system groups review and provide feedback on the draft recommendations

SPRING 2014:

Work group considers feedback, finalizes proposal, presents to presidents and provosts for approval

FALL 2014:

Convene cross-sector summit to showcase range of local college/school district partnerships related to placement and Common Core implementation


Washington higher education confirms commitment to use of Smarter Balanced assessment

See the “Draft Recommendations…” page link above for the specific recommendations and more background about the process; to provide feedback or ask questions about the draft recommendations please leave a comment on that page.

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